The Art of Climbing Trees.

The first rule is to be fearless.

Which is why she was the queen.

Why I was never very good.

I had too much caution, you see,

and I’m afraid she had none.


The next rule is to always look up

and sometimes out.

Look out to soak in this view of the places you already know.

But somehow you are so high that this town finally feels foreign.

So you keep looking up

trying to find the next branch.


The last rule is to be free.

For these trees can feel your sorrow.

But they are sturdy beneath your bare feet.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Climbing Trees.

Add yours

  1. The first rule of tree climbing, should be to check if it has animals in it. What if the tree had a marmoset in it? Could you imagine the awkwardness? There you are, climbing the tree, there’s the marmoset, wondering what you’re doing there. There would be all this tension. To be on the safe side, the first thing you should do, is check for animals (particularly marmosets). Then you can climb the tree. (By the way, this was supposed to be funny … hopefully it was.)


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