I have spent too much of my life looking out windows, waiting.

Yet, I would give anything to stay up here in the clouds, nestled between the white and blue. My downward glance turned intentional. No longer staring at my feet, but at cities I have loved from afar. Truth is, I feel as distant in this window seat as I do on the bar stool next to you.

My favorite place in the world is in the transition home. The limbo between hello and goodbye. Where the movement is slow and patient and calm. Caught in suspension, you are weightless.


Car Talk.

Just because you take it for a test drive, doesn’t mean you have to buy the car… or take it in for a car wash.

But what if you want to buy the car the moment you see it? Not only is it sleek and shiny on the outside, but the interior is beautiful – soft and comfortable. It’s an older model than what I’m used to but it has more horsepower than any other car I’ve ever driven. Not that I’ve driven a lot of cars. You see, I tend to drive the same car for a long time, but eventually they end up breaking down. But when I see this car, I know it will take me to all of the places I want to go. And oh can it go fast! But it also knows how to go slow, especially around tight curves, or on uneven pavement. And it may not be a collector’s item, but it is dependable, low-maintenance, and easy-to-drive. It’s quiet and has wonderful safety ratings, making it very family-friendly. Honestly, this car is every check on my list. I know I need to take it on a few more test drives before I’m ready to officially sign the lease, but my heart is pretty much set on this one. Who knows, I just might buy it.

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